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SUNDAY POESY: Opportunities, Events and Other News and Opportunities



Opportunity Knocks

ARTSPACE “invites poets working in all genres of poetry to apply to be considered for our Opening Poems project.Through this project, Artspace seeks to commission original poems written in response to one or more images and/or works in our exhibitions opening between fall 2016 and spring 2018. Poets both emerging and established, based in New Haven or out-of-state are invited to submit. Selected poets will collaborate with artists and curators, study the works and themes of planned future exhibitions, and reflect on the ideas embodied in each show. Poets will then read, perform, or otherwise present a new poem at one of Artspace’s highly attended opening receptions, using the gallery as a lab for physical and visual exploration of language.

“This opportunity offers the chance to build an open, interdisciplinary, and expanded dialogue around your work and gain exposure to Artspace’s expansive network of local and international connections, as well as those of our featured artists. Your piece will also be published in the Opening Poems chapbook, to be produced at the conclusion of the project, containing each poem presented at the opening receptions alongside the artwork that inspired it.” Submission deadline: Friday, Jun 30, 2017 at 12:00 AM Details HERE.

NEW MADRID, Journal of Contemporary Literature Winter 2017 Theme: “Imagining Peace”  We seek work that speaks to this arduousness and that defines peace not just as the absence of war, but as something dynamic in its own right. All literary genres are welcome, and submissions should be of interest to the general reader. Please do not submit scholarly articles. . . . New Madrid is published twice per year, during the July and January residencies of Murray State University’s low-residency MFA Program. The editors invite previously unpublished submissions of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Acceptance is determined by the quality of the work.” Current reading period ends October 15. Details HERE.

WALLOON WRITERS REVIEW “is an independent literary journal rooted in Northern Michigan. Our mission is to provide an avenue for writers and photographers to share their passion and their art with the community. We are proud to remind everyone that our 2nd Edition Deadline is September 5th. Our theme is Northern Michigan – but that doesn’t mean you have to live in Northern Michigan…just keep that common thread in your work. Maybe you are here for the summer, maybe you just drove through for the first time. It’s inspiring and the creativity the natural surroundings bring forth needs a place to go… ” Details HERE.

JSTOR.ORG is “looking for pitches for 1500-2000-word features on timely topics that are in conversation with and reference (with direct links to) the content housed on We’re also particularly interested in acquiring interviews with scholars whose work is housed on JSTOR. Prospective writers should send links to clips of their previously published writing, as well as a well-developed pitches for one story idea that includes potential tie-ins to specific JSTOR content. Writers who need it will be given access to the JSTOR library for research purposes. Features should: draw connections between the news, the Zeitgeist(s), and JSTOR research identify patterns between current events and scholarly work provide the backstory for new studies and point out historial studies that should be revisited
not feel academic or like work interview researchers and scholars who are doing interesting work that is housed in JSTOR, or researchers who are using JSTOR in interesting ways.” Details HERE.

HEART OF STEEL — LGBTQIA — “Knights are a well-established presence in the fiction landscape, from historical fiction to fantasy to romance. Be they chivalrous or ruthless, high or low born, noble warriors or dishonored soldiers, tales of knights are endlessly appealing—for their loyalty, their love, and all that they will do to serve and protect those to whom they are sworn. Less Than Three Press invites you to submit stories about knights and all they are willing to do and endure for the sake of those they love and protect. Editor’s note: We would like for this anthology to cover the full range of the spectrum. While all stories will be considered, preference will be given to stories featuring characters that are not cis-gay.” Deadline is September 30, 2016 Details HERE.

CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL  Best Mom Ever!  “Is your mother the best mom ever? How about your stepmother, grandmother, or mother-in-law? How about the wonderful woman who is raising your children? Share your stories about the amazing, loving, miraculous, intuitive, and just plain fabulous moms in your life. Here is your chance to let all the moms know they are appreciated, loved and respected, and that you can’t imagine anyone better. We’re looking for stories about moms of all ages, from young mothers to great-grandmothers, and everything in between. Let your mom or grandmother or stepmother or the mother of your children know that her hard work has been recognized and that without her, the kids wouldn’t be where they are today”. Deadline September 30, 2016. Details HERE.

CANTHIUS “accepts submissions of poetry and prose from a diversity of established and emerging women and genderqueer writers. For those who wish to submit to Canthius, we ask that your submission reflect the best of your creativity, your voice, your humour, your intelligence, your strength. Be political, honest, witty. We thank you for considering us as a forum for your work and for engaging, reading, and writing about feminist issues and experiences.” Deadline September 15, 2016. Details HERE.


BRISTOL POETRY FESTIVAL 2016 has these poets booked so far: Gillian Clarke with Penelope Shuttle, John Greening and Alison Brackenbury; Matthew Caley with David Briggs, Rachael Boast and Rosie Jackson; Helen Mort with Deborah Harvey and friends; The Magnetic Diaries with Vey Streker; The Bristol Poetry Festival Slam; a Can Openers Festival Special and festival aperatifs include Keys, Chords and Uncommonplaces with Ash Dickinson, David C Johnson and Beth Porter.” September 27 – October 15. Details HERE.



THE WARP AND WEFT OF THINGS – Poet Sharon Frye (featured HERE) announced this anthology today. It is “put together from the minds of the Enid Writers Club” and includes poetry, memoirs, short stories, flash fiction and more. Available from Amazon HERE.


LIFE IN SUSPENSION (Salmon Poetry, 2016) La Vie Suspendue (English and French Edition) – Poet, actress and educator Hélène Cardona announced the publication of her bilingual poetry collection. Available from Amazon HERE.


OLYMPIAN ALEXI PAPPAS draws attention to the art of the poem, The Poet by Day

MEET THE DEAF POETS SOCIETY, a digital journal for people with disabilities, PBS Newshour Art Beat

Hélène Cardona reads from her book, The Astonished Universe:

If you are reading this post in email, you will likely have to link through to view the video.


Submit your event, book launch and other announcements at least fourteen days in advance to Publication is subject to editorial discretion.

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Over His Morning Coffee, a poem

Over his morning coffee, he sat
dreaming of yesterday’s spring
and the hill country of his youth,
remembering summers of peace
and autumn days when he thought
life a forever thing. The world lay before
him then, a ripe field awaiting harvest.
Now beside this sad cup, a winter hand,
so withered and so gray, an old man’s
hand he barely recognized as his own.
Then his gaze found her playful smile.
In the hazel warmth of her eyes he
felt like spring again, the rich loam of
her love yielding a gentle harvest of joy

© 2015, poem, Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved; 2012, photograph, Wendy Rose Alger, fine arts photographer kindly capturing a photo I wanted

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unROMANTIC POEMS, because love poems are elegies



at the grocery ~
Meeting accidentally in the wine section
you sip me shyly with gentle conversation
and read the label on my selection,
your hand brushes mine, a sensual appeal
It’s for drunken pasta! I explain,
you laugh and say you’d rather drink than eat it
your eyes are Wedgwood blue and hold a wistful smile
you imagine I’m something fine, a vintage port
you’re flushed with the fancied sweetness
I could drink you too, a sturdy Bordeaux
but I no longer deal well with hangovers


To the Frog at the Door

if you kiss a frog, so I’ve been told
there’s a chance he’ll turn into a prince
a frog prince, which means you have
you absolutely have to love him
and i’ve loved a few frogs, at least
i think i have, they never became princes
nor did their love morph me into a princess
i’m still a cranky old crow, we are what we are,
loving frogs and crows isn’t transformative
….why should it be?
one woman’s frog is another woman’s prince

…….as for this old crow

………….she loves flying solo

…….not that you asked

© 2013, poems, Jamie Dedes, All rights reservedIllustration ~ Wine and fruit photo courtesy of Jean Boufort, Public Domain Pictures. net and The Frog Prince by Walter Crane (1845-1915), U.S. Public Domain

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CELEBRATING AMERICAN SHE-POETS (25): Olympian Alexi Pappas, draws attention to the art of the poem


So many of us are enchanted by Alexi Pappas, the Greek-American, poet, film-maker and Olympic champion. She’s not only wholesome, bright-spirited and hard-working, she’s a talent who, by virtue of interest and ethnic heritage,  links the historic roots of the Olympics with the modern event . . . and she’s drawing attention to our primary love, poetry. This is altogether a lovely package.

Scary Things

The thing about scary things
like spiders
is that they do not scare me
nearly as much
as the things I want the most.

The want things creep and stay
live in my mind–
a much harder place to reach and find
cannot be killed
will grow instead
unlike the spider in my bed
the scary want inside my head
is not afraid
and will not flee
rather than boo
says come and get me.

– Alexi Pappas

We couldn’t let this week go by without acknowledging Alexi Pappas, who has dual citizenship – U.S. and Greece. She explains here why she chose to run for Greece, but she was born in the States and her hometown is Alameda, California.

Road to Rio is paved with poetry for runner Alexi Pappas, PBS Broadcasting
This Olympian — and poet — on her love for “freedom within boundaries”, PBS Broadcasting
Alexi Pappas, Wikipedia
Alexi Pappas, Dartmouth University Big Green (Sports)

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WHO WILL FORGIVE GOD, a poem . . . and therein lies your Wednesday Writing Prompt

"The Apotheosis of War" 1871, Vasily Vereshchagin
“The Apotheosis of War”

God is on our side …
without a shadow of a doubt
they said and
no nay-saying her parents
her husband, her people
the politicos and demigods
their war-mongering

her eyes surveilled the warriors as
they cut across fields of innocence,
they stomped and postured

no Light shining from dark disorder
no Joy in parting a sea of blood

in her heart: doubts
large, lively, captive
packed tight into small muscle,
specters beating at the walls




they know not what they do

God forgives them all, she was taught
But who will forgive God

– Jamie Dedes

Vasili Vereshchagin
Vasili Vereshchagin

The Apotheosis of War painting (1871) is by Vasily Vereshchagin (1842-1904), a Russian artist, who dedicated this painting and one other – Left Behind  (a wounded Russian soldier abandoned by his comrades) – “to all conquerors, past, present and to come…”


There were several observations that contributed to this poem but, most of all, it was reading some comments on Facebook, especially this one: “If this is God’s will then God has a lot of explaining to do.”  War, destruction, murder: God’s will, free will, or the apotheosis of nihilism (insanity)? Write something that – by virtue of its brevity – is pungent: a poem or perhaps a parable.

Please feel free to put a link to your poem or parable below in comments so that I and others may come read your work.

© 2016, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; the portrait of Vasili Vereshchagin and the photograph of “The Apotheosis of War” are both in public domain.