The Doves Have Flown



what must it be like for you in your part of the world?

there is only silence, i don’t know your name, i know only
that the fire of life makes us one in this, the human journey,
search and return, running through mud, reaching for the sun

like entering the ritual river without a blessing or a prayer

our eyes meet in secret, our hearts open on the fringe,
one breath and the wind blows, one tear and seas rise,
on the street where you live, your friends are all gone

the houses are crushed and the doves have flown

there is only silence, no children playing, no laughter
here and there a light remains to speak to you of loneliness,
my breath caught in my throat, i want to make it sane again

In honor of the New Year, I have posted a new set of poems – including this one – on the Home Page: “The Birds Have Flown and other poems

© 2014, poem and illustration, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; the illustration is of a Bennett Sculpture – “On the Wing” (1991) – at the Leo J. Ryan Memorial Park in Foster City, California