all bow to her magnificence

"The Kiss" original watercolor by Gretchen Del Rio

“The Kiss” original watercolor by Gretchen Del Rio

this miraculous Earth
the true unconditional mother,
the omphalos of our universe ~
forever nursing the trees,
pregnant with bees and fish,
cupping the seas in her love,
tossing up mountains and
breaking down into valleys

she flirts with the moon
and tides rise and fall;
she dances with the sun
and flowers bloom

the wind caresses her and
she paints herself in browns
and greens, a complement
to a chaste and pastel ceiling
hugged at the wide horizon

the stars guard her at night
while the frogs sing a lullaby,
gently cooing, soft white doves
offer their praises at dawn ~
and all bow to her magnificence

This piece is in response to Victoria C. Slotto’s WRITER’S FOURTH WEDNESDAY prompt at The Bardo Group. The event opens this evening at 7:00 p.m. PST (I gave the wrong time on yesterday’s post. Apologies!) Mr. Linky is open for seventy-two hours and we invite you to share your work by submitting a direct link to your piece. Victoria and I will visit and comment and we hope that you will also visit other participants and comment too. The prompt will show HERE at 7 p.m. The prompt and coaching this month are on verbs.

A poem of appreciation for our beautiful earth, this piece also provides me an opportunity to encourage you to participate in another event with The Bardo Group when we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our BLOGGERS IN PLANET LOVE event. You are invited to link in your own work, poems, stories, photographs, artwork. More detail will be offered this Sunday evening in Bardo News, 7 p.m. PST.

© 2013, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved
Illustration ~ by Gretchen Del Rio, All rights reserved, featured here with Gretchen’s permission.