The Virtues of Oil Over Blood

Ashraf Fayadh photograph featured in Save Asraf Fayadh courtesy of

Ashraf Fayadh photograph featured in Save Asraf Fayadh courtesy of

So the fight against the injustice toward poet Ashraf Fayadh continues, a fight for him and for freedom of speech throughout the world. Today it was announced that his pending death sentence was changed to: renouncing his poetry, eight years in prison, and 800 lashes to be delivered in sixteen sessions. His lawyers are appealing.

Amnesty International, PEN International, PEN America, Avaaz and many other organizations have Ashraf’s back. 100,000 Poets for Change submitted their poems for him, which were translated into Arabic in Morocco, packaged and sent off.  January 14 was a day of solidarity with readings of his poetry going on the world over with many academic and prestigious organizations participating in that event.

You can help if inclined by signing Avaaz’ petition HERE.

– Jamie Dedes


By Ashraf Fayadh, trans. Mona Zaki, From

Oh you who have been made homeless—
your homelessness sprawled across lands
and in despair
as oblivion unfurls between your ribs

The mute blood of yours will never speak out
as long as you brag about death
and proclaim secretly how you’ve safeguarded the soul to those who cannot understand it.
It will take ages to lose your soul and console your eyes’ fear for all the oil it once gushed.

This was what a leader of the people said:
Whoever has oil can meet his needs from its by-products
which is far better than he who torches his eyes—
and turns his own heart into a god.

You don’t own enough—
to console you in the face of time’s tribulations
you don’t own a tap of blood—
to spend in the face of broken values
nor do you have enough to extract
a tax on that soul of yours that time has wearied.
You don’t have enough to help you through one day of exile.

You tremble now—
So take what there is of your blood
to fill the belly of exile—
to gather the overseers’ oil
and smother their intention to drag away your soul.
Ask forgiveness from the waters of the river—
and loudly apologize as your blood seeps into its waters.

It is through oil—that you resist!
As you unfasten those secured bras
and leisurely taste the cherries and all else—
and enjoy the wetness between the thighs—
may all pleasure be blessed.

What next—
when all heretics have pitched the axe into your shoulder?
And it has been said that you have gambled with blood that cannot fill desire
and that you have filled the taverns with the malaise of joy—
in order to grab a glass for free.

For free—
aborted words
a used tobacco pouch
and a box—where your mother once trapped your scream—
so that the river can spit you out onto the shore of fear, a kind you’ve never known.
And there, thunder assures you it can inseminate the clouds—
and give birth to rain that will yet be unable to wash the shame of fear from a river sleeping in the arms of defeat.

Black pellets of oil—
circulate throughout your cells
healing what your nausea
could not vomit.

Oil is utterly blameless
except for its stains of poverty
the day when the faces of those who discover another oil well turn black*
and your heart—will be filled with new life so that your soul is resurrected as oil
for public consumption.
This is the promise of oil—a promise that will come to pass—**

The end—
* An allusion to Q3:106
** An allusion to Q10:4; 18:98

Mona Zaki is a translator and a contributing editor at Banipal.

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I thought it would be nice if we all had this information to easily share on our Facebook Pages and our blogs and so forth. I took some time to collect the information. Nonetheless, I’m sure I’ve left some worthy organizations out. If anyone knows of an organization that should be included, please leave it in the comments section and I’ll keep track for an update sometime in the future. Meanwhile, you can also check on a charity’s track record at: Charity Navigator. So please do download this and feel free to share anywhere you feel it’s warranted or would be welcome, maybe even on employee, union and/or church affiliated sites.  Thank you!