LOST: One Grandpa Bodhisattva

I sensed Friday that Time had released you into Eternity,
like a flower releasing its perfume to the wind.
Confirmation came today.
You’d left, the kindly message said,
at 6:15 a.m,
like a responsible worker off to a new job.
And thank goodness for eCards.
I sent one Thursay …
… to say goodbye.
To say, Ernie ~
You are our Bodhisattva. We’ll never forget.
We’ll never forget:
You walked into our embrace ruffled and teary
and you grew into a saintly calm.
You reminded me of the summer of love
with your long hair and your gray beard and mustache.
I had to blur my focus to see you clearly,
to see the ancient sage, the grandpa Bodhisattva,
the motorcycle Buddha,
the wise, funny, accepting not resigned, friend.

In metta,

Motorcycle in antique store in Buenas Aires

Motorcycle in an antique shop in Buenas Aires

Today is All Souls Day, the perfect day (as every day is actually) to remember friends and relatives who have gone on ahead.

© 2012, poem, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; Photo courtesy of Fran Hogan, Public Domain Photographs.net