slow lazy Sundays in imagined worlds

Oscar loves a good mystery.

Oscar loves a good mystery.

Brevity might be the soul of wit (Shakespeare) and of lingerie (Dorothy Parker), but it has evolved to be ubiquitous and fashionable in a wordy kind of way… Twitter 140 stories and flash fiction and even one-sentence poems. However tantalizing some of these are, too much abbreviated word-play is a bit like feeding mind and heart a diet of literary French fries. (Haiku would be an exception to this.)

An appreciation for short snappy creative writing seems somehow inevitable though. While the world lauds mindfulness, it demands multitasking and the expectations for productivity are ever-expanding. We just don’t have time for lengthy reads… and maybe we don’t have patience anymore. In any given moment it seems a thousand things call for our attention.

No doubt we also owe some of the penchant for sound-bites to our explosion of mobile tech toys and social networking. I could certainly give them up, but I’d rather not. Nor do I want to give up the convenience and economy of my Kindle library, which is perfect for living in small spaces.

On Sundays like this though, with no errands or appointments, I remember just how much I value the luxury of a low-tech day. I love a day of lazy living inside lingering stories set in imagined worlds, painstakingly described. I love being wrapped in the warmth of a big armchair, perhaps a furry friend in attendance. And there is such quiet delight in a mug of hot chocolate to sip along with the tactile pleasures of a beautifully printed and bound book.


© 2014, words and photograph, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved; cartoon courtesy of The Survival Mom via Gayle Walters Rose (bodhirose)