FRIDAY PHOTO FINISH: a meditative moment

Canadian Geese love to hang out at the business parks at Redwood Shores, where we caught these during a walk in August. They were kind to slow the racing drivers down and gift them with a meditative moment, not something all the drivers appreciated as they hurried back to work after lunch.

“[T]his isn’t just “another day, another dollar.” It’s more like “another day, another miracle.”
Victoria Moran, Lit From Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty

Canadian Geese at Redwood Shores

Canadian Geese at Redwood Shores

All my photos are iPhoneography.  My inexpert opinion: the camera on the 5c is remarkable. I’m very satisfied with my rose photographs and other things that lend themselves to close-ups, but as you can see from this photograph, distance comes out grainy, leaves quite a bit to be desired.  

© 2014, photo, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved