Category: Nature

The Return of Primordial Night

our parents vainly sought
wildflowers near the beach 
at Big Sur

they were deaf to the threat in thunder,
but we were struck by lightning,
heaved in the rain and waves and
the overflow from the melting ice

the computers went down
their screens black as the wicked water,
in whirling chaos they morphed into drums

every fetus turned in the womb,
the men went to the mountain tops
and the women sheltered in caves

the souls of saints and sinners
were run through a cosmic wash cycle
after the spin dry, a new wisdom

but the shades of our parents remain,
they’re waiting for us at Big Sur,
waiting by the Santa Lucia Mountains

– Jamie Dedes

The Bardo Group‘s focus for 100,000 Poets (et al) for Change (100TPC) for 2016 is environment/environmental justice.  I’m just warming up with this. How do you like my environmental death skull done with new photo apps on my iPhone to illustrate this old poem? Too dark?

© 2015, poem and illustration, Jamie Dedes, All rights reserved