photo-65I am a medically retired (disabled) elder and the mother of married son who is very dear. I started blogging shortly after I retired as a way to maintain my sanity, to stay connected to the arts and the artful despite being mostly homebound. My Facebook pages are: Jamie Dedes (Arts and Humanities) and Simply Living, Living Simply.

With the help and support of talented bloggers and readers, I founded The Bardo Group, an multi-cultural arts and humanities collaborative, because I feel that blogging offers a means to see one another in our
simple humanity, as brothers and sisters and not as “other.”

Sheffield poet and member of The Bardo Group Core Team, John Anstie, wrote this abbreviated mission statement:

“. . . at its core is a spiritual aspiration for the moral (and perhaps literary) high ground – and that is not, in any shape or form, intended to be an arrogant position – it is, above all, the fact that it is the mission of the Group to present a pan-religious, non-partisan, de-polarised, maybe even universal picture of humanity and the challenges we face . . .”

What we seek is to move beyond simple connectivity (linking) to virtual proximity (nearness and relationship). Our full mission statement is HERE.

Terri Stewart (Beguine Again) is the Managing Editor. I am a member of the Core Team and function as the poetry liaison. Currently the Beguine Again collabrative and The Bardo Group are coordinating on a consolidation of the two groups.

“Good work, like good talk or any other form of worthwhile human relationship, depends upon being able to assume an extended shared world.” Stefan Collini (b. 1947), English Literary Critic and Professor of English Literature at Cambridge

Update: August 10, 2014