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Reading has been a passion since my Golden Book days. Writing has been a pleasure for almost as long.

I started writing on-and-off for publication at seventeen when my first poem was published. While I set out bound for fiction writing – and I did some of that – my jobs required writing promotional materials, grants and RFPs and the like … not the stuff of dreams, but at least I was writing.

At one time, I specialized in content about business, vocational education and career development. I wrote feature articles and – for six years – a weekly column, On the Job Front.

Currently, my focus is largely on poetry and fiction, though I do write the occasional feature article.

I founded The Bardo Group, an online arts collective in 2011, and am the founding and managing editor of The BeZine.

The Blogging Adventure

My blog has undergone many incarnations, an evolution of sorts. I barely knew what a blog was when I began in 2008. After about a year, I started – quite by accident – focusing on poetry, which lends itself well to the sound-bite world of the blogosphere.

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